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Mahesh Bhatt's film 'Arth' set for a magical comeback on stage...

It was in 1982 when director Mahesh Bhatt released his semi-autobiographical film Arth. Arth, which looked at the bold subject of extra marital relationships, was also remembered for its memorable soundtrack.

The film is now making a comeback as a theatre production. Of late, Mahesh Bhatt has been directing plays too. THE LAST SALUTE and TRIAL OF ERRORS launched his latest protege Imran Zahid. The duo are now pairing up again for the dramatic adaptation of Arth.

Bhatt feels that Arth was a classic film that raised the issue of gender equality way back in the eighties. Arth was ahead of its time and Bhatt feels that the subject will strike a chord even with today's generation. "The issues with regards to our society that were raised in Arth are relevant even in our times today. Theatre has given me an entirely new outlet. I think adapting the film to a play will not be an easy task but I am ready for this test. I feel this medium has helped me connect with the audience in an altogether different way," he adds.

Delhi-based actor Imran Zahid , who earlier essayed the roles of Muntadar Al Zaidiin in THE LAST SALUTE and of journalist Rehan in TRIAL OF ERRORS is gearing up for this new assignment. "Mahesh Bhatt is all set to recreate the magic of his film Arth. It'll be a big challenge for me to play the lead on stage but I am up for it," says Imran.