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Over half a century dedicated to the theatre of conscience, a tireless quest for truth and beauty in all its forms – that may be one way of describing Sundaram. For the handful of college friends who started Sundaram in 1957 their goal was clear as founder member and present President, dramatist, actor Manoj Mitra recalls: “We knew we wanted to do something different. Bengali theatre had then reached stagnation point; we wanted to stir it to life again.”

At 55 with many new members Sundaram has an awesome history of over 65 immensely popular original productions. Sundaram’s current repertoire comprises entirely of plays written and directed by Manoj Mitra each offering a fresh perspective to the socio-economic problems of our times.

Like Ja nei Bharatey, Sajano Bagan,Galpo Hekimsaheb, Sovajatra Parabas, Mesh O Rakshas,Kakcharitra, Naishobhoj, Alakanandar Putro Kanya, Chhahayar Prasad, Dantaranga, Munni O Saat Chowkidar, Chamchamkumar,  Operation Bhomragar, Ranger Haat, Aschourjo Funtosee – New play Harsha Rasaranga is coming up

Sundaram has also organised regular workshops, seminars and play reading sessions. To meet the paucity of original scripts in Bengali Sundaram has for the last 22 years been conducting the only annual Bengali playwriting competition- Parthapratim Sarane Smriti Purashkar. It has also launched two awards for children and backstage artists- Ananta-Ashim Purashkar

Touring India and abroad Sundaram has won many, national and state-level, governmental and non-governmental awards and has, more importantly, won the support of countless theatre lovers.    



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