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Rajit Kapur
Rajit Kapur
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Rajit Kapur needs no introduction as he is the familiar figure who has entertained us through films, television but predominantly through theatre. Admired and loved by all, he has been a part of theatre for more than 3 decades now. Here he shares some of his thoughts about contemporary Indian theatre in a conversation with Theatre in Motion.

Q. Tell us something about the events which led to the formation of Rage.

A. We were a group of 7 friends who wanted to involve ourselves in theatre productions of a certain standard and quality. Also we wanted a platform to work together.


Q. Which is your first love: theatre, films or television?

Ans: Theatre : Its part of my bloodstream.  


Q. Would you say that the transition from television to films and to theatre is easy for you?

Ans: The discipline of theatre allows one an easy transition to television and films. But the transition from film to theatre is not easy for many. For me as an actor I bring my theatre discipline into my work in films and T.V.


Q. When did you first get an offer to stage a play outside India and which play was it?

Ans: I had the opportunity to perform 'LARINS SAHEB' as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in AUG 1991. From Rage  the first International performance was of 'I'm NOT BAJIRAO' in Dubai in 1997 / 1998.


Q. How would you rate Indian theatre in the international scenario?

Ans: There aren't many theatre company's performing outside India on a professional or regular basis. Most Indian performances abroad that are recognized for their high quality are all connected to dance & music. Only a handful of Original Indian Plays get staged abroad. Funding is a huge problem as without monetary support no team can travel outside the Country. Also we don't have organised professional set ups that produce theatre of an International standard.


Q. Do you love to conduct workshops and if so what kind of talent do you find in these workshops?

Ans: We don't conduct workshops regularly. Our 'Writers Bloc' programme (every 2 / 3 years) is instrumental in sourcing new writers for plays from across the Country. The three programmes we have had so far have been a great source of encouragement and support to the young breed of Indian playwrights (in Collaboration with the Royal Court of London and the British Council)


Q. Is there any special project you are planning next?

Ans: We are gearing up to plan for Writers Bloc 4 next year.


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