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Chinta Chhod Chintamani

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Chinta Chhod Chintamani


 It is the story of a family where the father thinks his progenies are standing at the threshold of total ruination. They are wallowing in self-indulgence and their destiny is leading them to their inevitable fall. On the other hand the children think this is nothing but generation gap and the old man is unable to understand the situation.  

Is it really a generation gap or a case of miscommunication? …and if it is really a case of generation gap then who will bridge the gap? 

Come let us enjoy Chinta  Chhod Chintamani, a hilarious family drama commenting on the contemporary social scenario.

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Om Katare

Vasant Kanetkar

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Rs. 100.00 Rs. 350.00 Rs. 500.00