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Khol Do and Mozel

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Khol Do and Mozel


Playwright Manto’s stories Khol Do and Mozel talk about two different aspects of Partition. Khol Do is the story of Sakina, a young girl lost during the riots, her father, who sets out in search for her and her protectors-turned-violators. Caught between them, it portrays the fluctuations of human emotions as the characters move between hope and despair, trust and betrayal. In Mozel, we see a young vivacious Jewish girl who, on the surface, appears to be restless and flirtatious, but when things go wrong another aspect of her character comes to the fore. Finally she sacrifices her life to save Trilochan’s soon-to-be-wife, who is caught in the violence of the riots. Both stories evoke the bitterness and pain of the Partition-experience with great depth and sensitivity, both commenting on as well as portraying the varying shades of humanity and the human experience. 

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D R Ankur

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