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Anto Adi Anto

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Anto Adi Anto


 The storyline of Anto-Aadi-Anto is simple which begins during early night and ends in early dawn in the lobby of a plush hotel in Darjeeling. In the forenoon, Anindita and Mrinmoy have been granted a formal divorce by the court of law. In the late evening that very day, now legally separated, Mrinmoy and Anindita chance-meet in the lobby of the hotel where both of them had checked in. They are now free individuals, no longer man and wife; but their past, their marital coexistence haunts them, they talk and talk and talk as the grandfather clock strikes hour after hour. As the night progresses their dialogues alternate from utter helplessness to smoldering violence, from hankerings to indifference, from sympathies to abuses; blame-games continue, punctuated by heart-rending screams and long silent pauses. The night is a about to end, their departure, each to one's own destiny, is imminent, the moment of reckoning arrives; the question hangs heavily -is it the moment of a new beginning or the beginning of an end!  

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Debshankar Halder

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