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God of Carnage

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God of Carnage


Yasmina Reza's scintillating play GOD OF CARNAGE (2009-TONY award winner) is a comedy of manners with no manners. It combines laughter with serious issues of child-rearing and marital discord. 

Two sets of parents meet in an upscale home of a Paris neighborhood to discuss the playgroup fight between their sons and what do you think happens? Everything that can go wrong does go wrong. Tulips fly all over the room, vomit and vitriol deface the coffee table art books and a bottle of vintage Santa Rosa rum brings out the beast in all the four them, so that by the end of it all, they have fared worse than their bratty kids.

The play is far more interesting (and subtle) in its shifting ballet of emotions and loyalties among its fractious quartet. As scotch replaces coffee, and outer garments are removed, the sides of combat blur. The man gang up on the woman, the woman gang up on the men, and the husbands and wives, wind up, changing partners briefly.(though only as allies in war).The play begins with characters regarding  spouses as their guaranteed allies, and it ends, with all of them realizing that they are on their own.

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Nayana Sagar

Yasmina Reza

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