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Arjun Ka Beta

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Arjun Ka Beta


This play is a poetic rendition of a conversation between king Yudhisthira and the great warrior Bheeshama (Son of Ganga). It is a word-to-word description of the bravado of great Abhimanyu given to Bheeshma by Yudhishtira who also shares his inability to face Arjun who would soon be coming back from the battlefield and ask for his son. Also it very subtly it shows the various philosophies of a “chakravyuh” which hold good in the lives of all of us. Bheeshma motivates Yudhishtira to face the reality and also requires him to pass on to Arjun the message that it has been enough of spiritual teaching through BhagwatGeeta. Now, is the time to get down to what a father should be doing when his son has been brutally killed in the battlefield. On the other hand Lord Krishna questions the mourning and grief on Abhimanyu’s failure to come out of the “Chakravyuh” when no one in this world has ever been able to do so. 

Arjunka beta is a step ahead from the theatre that is being done and seen in India for last many years as it goes back to traditional form of storytelling where a rich text takes the driving seat. High quality poetry, immaculate rendition by actors, deadly war-scenesand thought provoking interpretations of mythology are sure to give the audiences a value for their money. 

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Atul Satya Koushik

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