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Draupadi  has always been a celebrated character of the epic of Mahabharata and many myths, conventions and perceptions have been associated with her in various versions of her life story. This plays takes excerpts from the story of Draupadi as known to everybody and adds to is some imaginative sequences to bring out the real essence of association between Draupadi and today's women. This juxtaposing makes this work fit to be called an imaginative re-telling of certain chapters from Draupadi's life.  

The incidents in the play take place in an Indian village in late 1960s. A bunch of playful females of a large family of Haryanvi rural performers, decide to play Draupadi in absence of all the males of the family. In the process they discover how closely their lives are a reflection of Draupadi's life. This intense story unfolds in an incredibly light and seamless and makes the production a literary marvel presented in a visually delightful manner. Like all other productions of the society this play is also high on folk music.

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Atul Satya Koushik

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