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One on One


One on One is a set of ten short plays by nine playwrights. Each story is about 10 minutes duration. Beautifully written, all the plays leave a lasting influence on the mind.

The Bureaucrat – The play is a beautiful enactment by three actors regarding three different points in the career of one bureaucrat. All the three actors play the same character but in completely different ways. The professional life of a government officer is characterised in the play.

Kachre Ki Hifaazat – The hypocrisy in the Indian political system comes to the fore in this play when the bodyguard of a politician is bitten by his master’s dog and develops rabies. A decision is taken to end the life of the bodyguard to save both the life and the reputation of the politician. The play reveals the attitude of the politicians towards the public.

Load Shedding – The protagonist of the play is a lamppost. The actor dons the appearance of a lamppost and perches himself on top of a ladder. It is positioned at a very crowded location where it can look upon the madness of life. The play is a satire on the mindset of the politicians who fight for petty things and forget about their real mission as representatives of the people.

Bash – The play is based on the extreme point of view about gays in the society. The shocking attitude of the society is revealed when a couple walking by notices a gay and the husband bashes him up saying that he is cleaning the filth from the society. You can see the hypocrisy in the people around.

White on White – You will be whirled through a gamut of emotions of a typical mother who wants to be the centre of her son’s life. She feels insecure when a new girl enters her son’s life. But later feels elated when the girl delivers a baby boy from another man.

Abodana – The play is about the journey of a young couple from a small town to the city of dreams, Mumbai. It is about the changes that gradually occur in the behaviour and expectations of people as they begin living in Mumbai.

Creado Constance – You get an insight into the life of a widow in this play. She has nothing to look forward to until she gets the opportunity to read to a young and handsome blind man. She is drawn towards him and starts living life in a new way. Her life starts looking up and she undergoes a transformation.

Dear Richard – This is a hilarious play which will have the audience in splits. It is about a man writing a complaint letter to the airlines he had travelled on describing the awful facilities that are handed out to the passengers. This play will leave you begging for more.

The Interrogation – It is all about the ruthless interrogation of a young woman about herself, her profession, her private life and everything else which can really embarrass and trouble a lady. She goes through great torment during the questioning.

Instant Behosh – This play revolves around a terrorist who seems petrified by every little sound and happening and keeps jumping around looking scared. He is called Bin Laden and tries to give a different connotation to the actual man.

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